Da’Niyah Marie Jackson was a gorgeous 10 month old baby with a head full of curly hair. ”She wasn’t one of those babies that was really loud or cried all the time,” said Clarence Jackson, the baby’s grandfather. “She was quiet. She just kind of looked around with those big eyes and took it all in. You couldn’t have asked for a better baby.”

She was raped by her mother’s live-in boyfriend, Clinton Smith, went into cardiac arrest and died due to blunt force to her abdomen. Since she obviously isnt developed like most 10 month old babies, he was penetrating her abdomen and caused multi-system organ failure. Doctors did not find any semen, but prostate fluid in her body. 

Clinton Smith was babysitting her and his own 2 year old son. He beat her and raped her and bit her chest. 

This blog that I follow has been posting quite a few sad stories like this and this is the first one that made me cry…a lot…. Until this point I thought I had been desensitized to tragedy as many people in society seem to be, but I’m glad to know that I’m not, I don’t want to be. I don’t understand how someone could do this to a little girl, an innocent little girl…. I already don’t like the world we live in, but whenever I hear about shit like this it really pisses me off. No child or family should ever have to go through anything like this…ever…. 

(via fuckyeahfamousblackgirls)

Via fuckyeahfamousblackgirls

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    Omg. What a sick piece of shit.
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    Wow what a dam piece of shit. He needs to rot in his jail cell n be eatin by rats. Disgustin piece of crap. Thst poor...
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    These are the kind of people I would like to light on fire and watch burn. This is utterly disgusting. My baby is hardly...
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    I just vomited. This is fucking DISGUSTING. I hope that mother fucking piece of fucking shit is getting raped in jail.
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    I’m so severely sick to my stomach. I hope that piece of shit gets tortured and torn to fucking pieces.
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    This is really sad smh you can never trust anyone with your kids I hope he suffers smh this is going to bother me for...
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    Sick. Akh. Where’s the death penalty.
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    I see this shit in court all this time, and it sickens me. Hurt people hurt people whether it’s directly or indirectly....
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    Vigilante justice a la Law Abiding Citizen comes to mind. He would die a slow, painful, terrifying death.
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